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Things to Do When Having a Trip to Melbourne

Melbourne is a beautiful place that you should not dare to miss. Having to visit this place is indeed a great way for you to have your rest. In this place, you can experience the gold rush days or have a luxury wine tour. As an addition, you can even do some surfing on its famous beach. Also you can take a moment at the ever stunning national park of Melbourne. In this article, tips are given on how you can savor the moment at Melbourne on a vacation.

First tip when you go on a vacation to Melbourne is to have a day trip to Dandenong Ranges. These ranges are an hour away from Melbourne. Driving to Dandenong Ranges will left you agape and amazed because of its scenic view of the towering trees and healthy mountains. One place you should also go when you are in Dandenong Ranges is the small villages with their cafes and restaurants. These cafes and restaurants in Dandenong Ranges are quite popular because of its scenic interior designs.

If you are looking for a less adventure yet classy trip, you can have the Yarra Valley Wine tour. The Yarra Valley Wine tour is still an hour drive northeast of Melbourne. The Yarra Valley Wine tour is also known for its magnificent scenery. Moreover, there are many wineries in Yarra Valley that are of good quality. This place is good for wine tasting, lunch and art galleries.

Another place that you can consider in visiting the Melbourne is the popular Hanging Rock. The Hanging Rock has stunning and beautiful rock formation. Another place that is towards the northwest of Melbourne is the gold rush town of Ballarat. This place is the center of gold rush craze, money and riches. The vacation in Melbourne is not that worth it if you are not able to go to its famous beach. In the Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, you can do surfing. Another beach that is popular among visitors and surfers is the Bells Beach since this is where surfing championships are held.

In a hectic schedule, you really need to take a breather. Hence, to go to Melbourne is a good choice to take your vacation. The places that you can possibly visit are not limited to the ones listed above. To name a few, the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians and even visit the Penguins at the Phillip Island. Surely, there are more surprises embedded in the land of Melbourne. Stop and take a breather at the land of Melbourne. For more information you can read in this website.

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